Friday, 25 March 2011


So here are the hits so far ladies! Bird On A Wire is now a Boutique on Asos Marketplace. Please take a look at the site and hit the 'like' button. Every like counts.I've really enjoyed the process of uploading and editing through the photographs for the first boutique collection. We've another collection in the editing process ready to launch in a few days too, as well as several more looks from The Shades of Summer collection to come! Plus a gorgeous look book at the end of the month! They'll be quite different collections representing the various faces of Bird! It would be great to get your feedback on whats in the site so far. What you like and what you're not keen on we'd love all criticisms good or bad. 

Here are the greatest hits or my favorites at least. Happy Friday to you all and don't forget if you would like to make a purchase, please do mention the blog as you'll get a 10% discount on every piece ordered.

Vintage 70's Bottle Green Knitted T-shirt £26

Vintage Poppin Pink Mini tie waist dress!£38

Vintage 70's Scandinavian Cropped Cardigan £26

Vintage 70's Prairie off the shoulder cotton top! £26

Vintage 70's Pointed collar cream shirt! £36

And guess what there's whole load more to come! x

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  1. I LOVE the first photo!