Thursday, 31 March 2011

Out with the old and in with the new.

I was out and about early this morning on my bike running some really boring errands I've been putting off for a while. Picking up a package from the post office, paying bills etc, etc... and stumbled upon a cute little second hand shop behind the Rio on Kingsland Road. My addiction over ruled, the habit needed feeding, I had no choice but to succumb and stopped to have a quick peep, I'm actually quite glad I did as I managed to pick up a few sweet little bits for Bird's stall this weekend at Going For A Song @ The Amersham Arms in New Cross. 

I've posted pics of a few of my vintage favorites below sorry they aren't perfectly arranged! The wish bone ring I feel is a keeper and it's quite handy as i've somehow managed to misplace one of my favorite silver rings so this will have to keep my index finger company till the lost one shows up. The floral Charlotte Hudson NY blouse is not 100% to my taste but it is a really pretty blouse with a sailor style collar, would look great on a potential 'girlie' BOAW customer! I wish I could keep the brown leather boots too but unfortunately they aren't my size.

Very, very excited about the Going for a Song vintage jumble sale this Sunday as its run by fellow vintage enthusiast and PR extraordinaire Rupert Dannereuther of House Clearance and Loseville. Ru edits Loserville which is an off beat culture guide to London. 
In his words ''Loserville is a blog-mag which sorts the wheat from the sh*t in pop culture, low-brow events and high-brow scoffing. We celebrate all that is Loser. VIVE LA REVOLUTION!''

Rupert has been working hard at promoting this weekends vintage jumble extravaganza at the famed Amersham Arms, THE hang out joint for London's East London Student community as well as the music loving hipsters that reside locally. The Jumble has become a vintage event to be reckoned with as Going for a Song is not only famed for the assorted variety of vintage fashion and memorabilia on offer but as its name would suggest its musical slant, the open mic! Yes boys and girls the event is the perfect combination of music, shopping and fun! Just what Saturdays are meant for no? 

With spring finally blessing us with warmer temperatures (if only just) , blooming buds and blue skies, I think the majority of us are feeling the urge to make a shift in our wardrobes to help enable us to embrace the new season. I've persononaly been toying with the idea of having a total and complete warbrobe overhaul after reading A Pair and A Spare's step-by-step wardrobe Rehab.
The wonderfully creative curator Geneve, takes her readers through the most thorough of wardrobe culling sessions I've read online to date, time for which I need to put aside to complete myself. So on this note I've been looking through the rails of Bird On A Wire stock I have for the markets and fairs and will now be making way for more spring summer stock and creating a SALE collection. Now the boutique is up and running with our stunning spring 'Shades of summer' collection I feel its time to slash prices of the more wintery pieces in Birds roaming wardrobe and put up a huge sale rail at this weekends two events clearing space for a really exciting SS11 buy i'll be making in a few weeks time. More news of that to come!

I'll not only be at the Amersham Arms on Saturday for Going For A Song but will also have a stall at The Vintage Fair at the Bloomsbury Lanes on Sunday too!
If you are in town and feel like hunting down a few bargainous pieces of vintage to pop by and say hello.

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