Monday, 10 January 2011


So here I am dusting off the cobwebs on my blog. Its been a long while since i've posted and I have to say i've got deep etched guilt regarding this. I'm not 100% sure why there's been this laps of time since i've written but you can trust that this wasn't down to absent minded laziness but more pre-end-of-year chaos and romantic distractions! 

A lot has been happening since then! Of course we've had Christmas and New Year, but I've also been working hard at clearing out enough space in my room which now also encompasses the Bird On A Wire HQ. Creating a little corner office space in my bedroom turned into an epic clear out of the whole room and its contents. Thus I am happy to say i've 50% more wardrobe space (very proud to have to have given three full bags of clothes and shoes to Charity as well as selling a few bits on ebay-link coming soon), organised shelving for my books and magazines as well as a clear chunk of wall to photograph my gorgeous vintage finds against! Ahhhhhh yes, a much needed fresh start to 2011!

 I have also decided against writing a list of new years resolutions as although they always start out as righteous, enthusiasm soon withers and before you know if its the end of February and not much has been achieved. So instead I have been working on a list of things i'd like to accomplish (more of which I'll update you on later) for 2011 rather than making a list of things to cut back on! At the top of my 'Accomplishments list for 2011' is to commit to at least one post a day! So you'll be hearing a lot more from me over the course of this year my BOAW followers. Its going to be a demanding but fulfilling year for me I hope. Lots of exciting projects in the pipeline and more beautiful Vintage to source for BOAW fans!

 But first things first, Happy New Year to you all!! Hope you had a good one, I definitely did, below is a little update of the last few weeks of December. 

BOAW's newly organised bijou office

Party Time!

 A fun and not so raucous new years spent with gorgeous friends!

Christmas Kisses  

Delicious dinners 

Gorgeous gifts

Snowed in snuggles

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