Thursday, 2 December 2010


You been shot by the shooter?

'Shooter documents the denizens of London as they go about their lives. All the portraits are impromptu and candid camera grabs; a blend of fashion portraiture and street theatre.'

Should be in bed but been having fun with a bit of catch up reading of some much loved blogs.Shot By The Shooter is composed by a former work colleague of mine Davey McLean. This man has a long history of shooting famous as well as obscure faces. One of my first conversations with him reviled he once shot 2pac- ha ha, not in the literal sense obviously but with his lens, amongst a few other legends.
The blog is a really refreshing take on street style photography. No ubiquitous graffitied brick-lane walls as backdrops here. Its clean, no fuss, minimalistic. The photographs aren't just anonymous snap shots of stylish 'denizens of London' but crisp portraits of an eclectic and alluring mix of the interesting faces gracing our London streets. By entitling each image with the 'models' name and capturing only just a snapshot of the torso to head, the Shooter magnifies our current obsession with real people. We are left highly curious and lured into pondering on the personality within the person in the image itself.

I digress, so scrolling through the blog and not that I was counting I noticed (probably because they are a long dwelling obsession of mine) that amongst the few female faces that he's captured a high ratio are Red heads. OK so I just really wanted to post pics of these firey haired ladies captured so beautifully....

Oh and one very hot blond by the name of Oona in an amazing pair of vintage earrings!
All images taken from Shot By The Shooter.

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