Thursday, 2 December 2010

Old Skool Crush...

Damn right its betta than yours...

OK so her last album fell like a lead balloon but this girls been rockin' my bag for years! Her milkshakes brought me and a whole lotta boys to the yard, you get me. Not 100% on her actual dressing sense but with regards to make-up and hair, this girls got it going on.
You name it she's done it she's been bleaching, shaving and dying for years well before Dellal did the under cut and it became all the rage over here, Kelis had been rocking this for a while. Maybe the reason she hasn't had as much acclaim in regard is because sadly she does get it painfully wrong in the outfit stakes more than occasionally, but you can't but admire her 'don't give a frig' attitude. For me she's always been a source of inspiration whenever I've felt like a hair style update (might be brave and post a few of my copy cat styles soon)!



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