Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Vintage updates On Asos Marketplace!

I've been busy girls! Have a lovely new muse who goes by the name of Kelsey! A 20 year old  photographer, jewelery designer and aspiring fashion designer who shares my passion for vintage. More about Kelsey later, in the mean time you can check out her Blog Unit 65. We spent the whole of a lovely freezing (think it reached -2) but sunny Sunday morning and afternoon shooting on the streets of Dalston, Kingsland Road no less!
Here's a little preview of the new looks uploaded and available for purchase on marketplace.asos.com Get shopping they won't stay on there too long!

                                                            70's Pale blue floral dress £42.00

                                                                   Sleeveless Aran knit jumper £32.00

                                                                         60's Camel wool Pea coat

                                                            80's Button detail blouse £36.00 available on

                                                      1970's Vintage Applique sheer maxi dress £75.00
                                                                               HAPPY SHOPPING. 


  1. ah love it thanks for sharing xxx

  2. Thanks! The cream blouse SOLD OUT today! x