Thursday, 25 November 2010


I spent a little too much time procrastinating about how I could tie a post about these four amazing girls to my blog without the post standing out like a thumb (Ok I've still got new blogger 'self-consciousness' syndrome).

Warpaint debuted the video for their first release 'Elephants' on their EP, Exquisite Corpse at the beginning of this year. Yes, back in January...can't believe its taken this long for them to come to my attention. Better late than never I guess!
This LA quartet have smashed it with their understated style and effortless appeal. What I have listened to so far is a magical brew of frail vocals, brashy echoing guitars that make these girls sound like they are from some otherworldly dimension.
The track that originally caught my ear is the tribute to 'Lady Day' aka Billie Holiday. The girls take the central hook from the Motown hit 'My Guy' and threaded it through their own emotion evoking and arresting lyrics. Haunting and beautiful it left me wanting more.

When asked in a recent NME interview to describe her band members in three words or less, lead vocalist Emily stated "If I were a lesbian I would be in love with them all." After watching the video for Elephants, I'd have to agree...HOT.
Check them out.