Tuesday, 4 October 2011

October Lustings...

Its not uncommon that with the start of a new season you sift through your wardrobe unsatisfactorily frustrated at the  fact you have 'nothing' to wear. Everything you own seems to not be what suits or reflects your current mood, not what you want to feel against your skin or be seen in. A friends facebook statement pronounced the other day (and she's an assistant editor of a super successful fashion weekly so you can imagine what her wardrobe must actually be like just from the freebies alone!) 

''...has nothing to wear, its ridiculous and its 3 weeks till pay day : (''

A barrage of responses included the statement  'its the change of seasons, it puts you out of synch'. I have to agree, you suddenly look at your current wardrobe with immense disdain, bored with the sight of everything in there! Its been a while since I've truly felt like this to be honest as I never follow strict rules when it comes to seasonal trends at all and where my cotton floral dresses and skirts well into the depths of winter. But have to agree that I am feeling in the need of an over haul! I've been very frugal  these last 9-12 months you see. Trying to plough the majority of my earnings back into Bird On A Wire has meant that unfortunately my wardrobe has suffered of late. This hasn't necessarily been a bad thing at all as its actually allowed me to become increasingly selective with my purchases. I am now following the mantra- more quality, less clutter. The more you have in your wardrobe the more clouded your vision becomes, this then means its loads harder to pull together a slick look without it taking hours and becoming an endless trying on session.

I haven't wanted to follow what seems to be a blog trend for listing current 'wants' from the high street or items that I can't afford, but i guess there is no harm in looking to these lists for inspiration for the way I'd like to start shaping my wardrobe. I'll be following the steps from A Pair and A Spare's wardrobe rehab over the next few weeks and ebaying a few unwanted items from my already quite minimal wardrobe. The cash made form the sales of these old pieces should hopefully provide me with enough to purchase some new quality essentials that I really am lacking! Oh and of course a few treats too. Here's whats on my current list for October.

From top left to right: Pale pink silk shirt COS, Floral Print trousers Rodarte for Opening Ceremony, Triangular ring Freedom at Topshop, Mohair Pea Coat Unique Topshop, Chunky knit brown elbow-patched jumper Whistels, Emerald green knee high socks COS, Orange platform pumps Urban Outfitters, Platform chelsea boots Deena and Ozzy at Urban Outfitters, Emerald silk and lace bra and knickers Topshop, Chunky Knit square neck jumper COS.

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  1. I love that underwear and that ring :) thank you for your lovely comment by the way, I followed your blog :) wish I had your job... xx