Tuesday, 17 May 2011

She's Got It!

I have a love hate relationship with queen of laid back chic, Miss-can’t-go-wrong-in-the-style-stakes-Alexa-Chung so inevitably I was slightly dubious about purchasing this months issue of Vogue.
Alas I crumbled and snatched it off the shelves at WH Smithies quicker than you could say Get-ya-chung-on, and then proceeded to devoured it cover to cover in one sitting. And what an enjoyable experience it was. Me, vogue, a good cup of tea and an obseen amount of hobnobs! I digress, upon reading her interview and realising annoyingly (for the umteenth time) how down to earth she actually is, I had to admit that what I feel is not infact love or hate, its more green eyed jealousy!! C’mon, lets admit it, we’d all love to be her for one day right? GOD imagine all that Chanel!! Move over Alex, its her warbrobe i’m coveting here. So this got me thinking about the last few gorgeous, if I may say so myself, vintage pieces I recently uploaded onto the Asos Marketplace Boutique, oh and sorry it took so long. Yes, it soon became apparent that there is indeed a distinct Chung-iness to some of the looks I styled together! What? This is of course accidental, there’s no way I’d use the girls style to shamelessly promote my boutique! Saying that though do have a look at the comparison I made below… its uncanny ; )

All the above looks are now available on our Asos Marketplace Boutique, out takes from the shoot to come my friends! Don't forget there's 10% OFF for all you lovely followers! Happy Tuesday. x

Images of BOAW product taken by myself, all other images were sourced via google. 


  1. Thanks for the comment. Really love how you've styled these outfits! The first has got to be my favourite - that dress with the cute tan accessories is perfect x

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment. I love the style of your blog and will def be checking out your asos market place boutique. x

  3. Thanks, it's so sweet :) I'm new too.
    Love your design !

  4. Wow, you've got some really lovely pieces there. And cor, who isn't jealous of her?! Love love love.

    Rosie x

  5. I didn't know she went dark, but I love the cool tones in her dark hair. Looks great on her! xo

    strawberry freckleface

  6. u def got a style, i like ur blog.

    kisses from paris with love

  7. I just got this issue of Vogue. The cover is better that the images of Alexa inside. Totally judged the issue on it's cover and was a little disappointed.