Thursday, 10 March 2011

Thursday Thrifting.

My, oh, my am I a little pleased with the finds I've had this week! Seriously I'm squealing with excitement and also struggling to be disciplined enough to stop myself from shoving just about all of it into my personal wardrobe and not Birds! Naughty, naughty! Well as I mentioned a few post back there's been quite a lot going on in terms of up-ing the anti for Bird On A Wire Vintage, not only are we currently working on a lovely new logo, we're also working toward launching an Etsy store and expanding the collection on Asos Marketplace! Oh and almost forgot to mention- Birds got a new facebook fan page- I'd really appreciate it if you checked it out (its only freshly done) and hit the LIKE button! We'd love new friends so do spread the word. 
As well as this I've also been spending the last couple of weeks building mood boards for two upcoming shoots with two amazing photographers! I'll be posting about them shortly. So constantly being on the hunt for the best vintage around I've been amassing some great pieces for Birds next two shoots! I've been hunting high and low, rummaging in charity shops in North London, Car Boot sales in West and East as well as bargain hunting at a couple of Vintage Fairs. I'll be giving you a sneak preview of all the new stock soon, but for now here are a few of the bits collected this week.

Really Loving all the above but my favorites are the gorgeous pleated front tuxedo style silk shirt and the ridiculously soft olive leather lace up boots, originally from Hobbs from the 80's! Of course the necklace silk scarf, bag and jumper are winners also! See what I mean, its so heard to think these will all be for sale soon. Might just have to treat myself and keep one piece.

 Favorite from above are the lace wide leg trousers, I picked up in a flea market in South East London, sorry not the best picture to show them off with, they are high-waisted and have scalloped ends on the legs. The black leather pumps with the suede bow fronts are also super cute, not sure they are quite me though so these will definitely be up for grabs. I've also started amassing a collection of vintage watches, I really love the delicacy of the bracelet styles. 

I absolutely adore this hounds tooth 60's tank top. Its wool so should probably get it on line asap or steal a few wears out of it first as if spring surprises us with some hot rays this number may not be as fitting. Aren't the brown boots brilliant? My best find though was this stunning pieces of amethyst (I've been reading up about its healing powers as one of the Chakra healing stones), picked up in a local charity shop! Its pretty big and sparkles at me from my chimney breast ledge where is currently perched on in my bedroom. I've been toying with the idea of breaking it into pieces to create a couple of pendents and a ring with as seen on A Pair and A Spare, one of my favorite and most inspiring DIY blogs. You should check it out if you haven't already. Also loving the cute vintage print bird post card picked up for 50p at Kingsland Road Flee on Saturday!

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