Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Vintage Fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow so The Vintage Fair at Bloomsbury Lanes at the Tavistock Hotel on the 5th of February was a mahhhusssive success! They hit their record attendance of 2000 vintage loving gals and guys walking through their doors, yes 2000!  I have to say I probably served and sold to a good quarter of those enthusiastic shoppers!

This really was a boost for me not only in terms of sales but also in knowing I'm really honing my beady vintage eye and selecting only the best bits for Bird On A Wire shoppers. I had quite a few gorgeous leather 70's granny clasp purses which just flew of the table! Lots of gorgeous vintage knitwear, from 70's ribbed roll necks for the retro reviver to pretty hand knitted 40's and 50's cardigans! 
Home-made bounting to hand around the Bird On A Wire Stall

 A selecting of the fine vintage garms hanging in prep for the big day!

These gorgeous 1040's style cat eye sunnies from Cutler and Gross were a very lucky find indeed! A needle in a haystack find in one of the grimmest charity shops in East London- but my friends my beedy eye is always at work to seek a diamond in the rough and these fabulous crystals caught my eye so I snapped them up at once! They were tried on many a time at the fair but are yet to find their new owner....

Below are a few pics of the Bird On A Wire Vintage stall at the Fair itself, apologies for the dark pics, the lighting was pretty bad in there.


It was a hectic five hours I tell you but very enjoyable all the same, unfortunately as I was busy attending to the enthusiastic army of shoppers I didn't really get a chance to have a look around the whole fair as its split on two levels and that would have meant having to leave my stall unattended for a little to long. But I will next time, lovely cup cakes were sold at the cutely named 'Crumbs and Dollies' stand which I was gutted to have missed out on! I really was looking forward to sampling their notoriously delicious baked goodies! There's always next time I guess. 

Really loving this ladys shiny red hooded rain mac! The school girl shoes are super cute too.

I was definitely very impressed by the vast range of stalls and stands, the fair had traders from all over the country each specializing in a range of decades gone by. There was definitely something to cater  for every style and at all were reasonable prices too! I was lucky enough to be next Teju of Vintage Tartlett which meant I had was able to have a little catch up natter in between sales whilst eyeing up the gorgeous vintage clad shoppers. The girls and guys attending the fair sure did make an effort, it really was inspiring in terms of people watching during the less busy moments.I'll definitely make more of a conscious effort to snap inspirational looks at the next one!

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