Monday, 7 February 2011


A later start than normal for me this morning and this is also after sleeping for almost 12hours yesterday! YES, I know, I feel like I've regressed into teenage mode, sleeping for hours on end carelessly snoozing the day away. I did have good reason, I'd survived on 4-5 hours sleep a night most of last week. Lots was happening at Bird HQ, mostly prepping for The Vintage Fair (pictures of which will be up after this post!) which was astonishingly busy and totally wore me out but in a great way! 
More on The Vintage Fair to come. So I woke this morning with a pinning for spring and sunshine I can only put down to me sitting in front of the most beautiful tulips, and having spent Saturday evening with a good friend planning vintage buying trips/holidays/breaks away for a few month time and later in the summer! 
There's lots to plan and decide but in the mean time I can dream of... (Clockwise from top left)
Gorgeous vintage goodies found out at one of London's most under-rated flea markets(but sorry girls I can't spill on this one), spring time flea markets in Paris, the inspirational tulips pepping me up on my desk, road trip plans to San Fransisco and Portland in the summer, street art ridden walls of Brick Lane which reminding me of Berlin another possible buying trip destination and finally my vintage look of the day cozy Navajo inspired vintage jumper, denim cut offs, sheer tights and black heeled desert boots, cute and easy my style sentiments exactly as seen on Anne Bernecker

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