Monday, 14 February 2011

Thoughts and things...14/02/11

Happy 14th of Feb <3

A few thoughts....
Train journeys, Egon Schiele's painting- Lovers, cozy fluffy jumpers on a crisp spring sunday, nabbing a window seat, my ever increasing love of birds in all forms,  my need to take flight!!

I awoke in a contemplative mood. I've got massively itchy feet at the moment due to the lack of sunshine and just general blandness of London living at this time of year. I'm already thinking ahead to summer and planning a couple of potential buying trips for later in the year... San Fran or Hong Kong? What ever way I need to get on a jet plane asap! Firstly though I must wish you all a happy day of Love and for you singletons out there I leave you with Prince.

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