Thursday, 3 February 2011

A little bit of history.

As much as I love the thrill of the hunt when thrifting and sourcing vintage. I really do enjoy the people I meet along the way who are selling their treasures/wardrobes or finds they too had hunted down themselves. Its always lovely if the person I buy an item from reveals a little bit of the history behind the piece, it gives the pieces a bit of personality having a history behind it and is primarily what fuels my love for vintage. Saying this many of the things I buy are sourced at flea markets from dealers that have been collecting for years so its not always easy to ascertain where who exactly the pieces belonged to at first. I've been know to day dream and fabricate extravagant and silly stories when finding a special piece, connecting it to the personality of the person I buy it from and building on that in what ever way I can, this thankfully mostly just happens in my head but when there are clues held within the piece itself its gets even more exciting for me! 

Take the gorgeous brown purse i picked up yesterday! Looking at the design, colour and materials I would guess it was manufactured in the 1970's at some point. Picked up in a flea market in South East London from a proper cockney dealers stall there really weren't any clues as to where it would have originated from. This is until I got back home and delved into the little sleeves and pockets in the purse.

To my delight not only did I get 3p back to myself I also found three receipts. All with different dates on for shops that actually don't even exist on our high street any more! I love the fact that the Woolies receipts were hand written by the cashiers back in the early 80's and this lady who ever she was had picked up a Morphy Richards toaster in there for £13.99! There was also a C & A
receipts dated 1st November 1981! A girl after my own heart she liked shopping on the cheap!

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