Wednesday, 30 May 2012

THAT GYPSY GAL.....WE ARE LIVE!! - Our debute summer collection of exquisite hand-picked vintage, peppered with a selection of kick ass-modern dresses and accessories. Targeting the modern bohiemian, a fiesty girl who spends her summer frolicing in country fields in the sumshine with friends, looking bad-ass whilst getting down to her favorite bands! We've got your festival wardrobe sorted girls have no fear BOAWs opened her virtual wardrobe doors to you to pick the very best bits from for yourself all at 20% less than on our ASOS MARKETPLACE STORE!
Below are the greatest hits frm the debute collection...That Gypsy Girl.

We are so excited at the start of this new project and venture girlies! Thank you all for your ongoing support! We'd love you're feedback on the site too. There are still lots of changes/improvements to be made to the general look of the site but for now et voila...

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