Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Taking queue from the queen of get-away girl style- Alabama, played by Patricia Arquette in one of the best action-romance flicks ever made! If you haven't seen this Quentin Tarrentino cult hit stream it this evening and thank us later.

In short, the story follows comic book nerd Clarence (Christian Slater!), who meets hooker with a heart of gold Alabama (Patricia Arquette) and they fall madly in love while getting caught up in some major Bonnie and Clyde-style drama. After Clarence kills her pimp, played by Gary Oldman in white people dreads, they embark on a road trip to LA with a suitcase of stolen cocaine. Soon after, the star-crossed lovers are chased by both the feds and the mob, but are so hot for each other they basically remain in make-out mode in between all the gunshot fire! 

Our True Romance Shoot was Inspired by Alabama's kick-ass fearless attitude to style! Pairing gold Elvis shades and pink leopard print skinnies can only be pulled off by this style queen!

Heres BOAW's take on True Romance

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