Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Wow its been a while! Seriously we've been very naughty and very hectic but if your a true BOAW girl you'll already be getting your dose of the ins and outs by following us on our NEW tumblr blog! We jumped on the bandwagon and started one- filled with inspirational pics, behind the scene pics and films and around BOAW-licious stuff!

Check it out here.

So what have we been up to exactly. I wont bore you with the nitty gitty details but to sum it up in one sentence it comprises of x2 weeks in vietnam, shooting a stunning spring story with our number one girl Kamara! Taking on a fabulous new intern Jenna Morely who you'll be hearing more from soon, planning a look-book shoot and hunting down stunning vintage for you gals.

Here is a look at the last month in some super cute instagram pics... you following us yet?




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