Tuesday, 17 January 2012


We are back ladies, sorry its taken us till the 17th of Jan to say it but HAPPY NEW YEAR! Woop woop! Hope its been a smashing one so far? Any news, gossip to share? Pssst....we have. We've moved! We've gone and got a shiny new studio space 5mins from East Londons sunny Broadway Market and its fab, theres still a lot of work to do- shelves to put up, rails to screw, clothes to hang, but we're getting there slowly. Follow us on instagram to spy on our journey! We feel 2012 is gonna be a mommouth and eventful year for us...exciting things are bubbling up!
We'd really love more input from you guys so please leave us feedback! Good or bad. or just drop us a line to say hi!Find us on INSTAGRAM - birdonawirevintage


  1. eeep sounds really exciting! wishing you a wonderful 2012!! xxx

    1. thank you and the same for you guys too! xx

  2. Ooh your space is beautiful! x