Wednesday, 2 November 2011

What a month!

Wowwzerz its been a busy few weeks! October whizzed by in a mix of shoots, a trip abroad, the launch of BOAWs new Saturday pop-up shop, a couple of big vintage fairs, lots of weekend vintage markets and general living!
Its been quite exciting to say the least. I've teamed up with a lovely friend of mine Lisa O'Hagan, who runs the funky 80s vintage boutique PenelopeBlue. We met at Netil market earlier in the year and have been hatching plans for an indoor weekend pop-up shop for a wee while. 
We've taken over the basement space of a super cool East-Village style bar OFF Broadway which is located on Broadway Market at London fields! Our first week kicked of with a massive bang, we received a tonne of compliments and were visited by numerous friends (pics to come)!
So there have also been a couple of amazing shoots with BAOWs AMAZING!!! (trust me she's stunning!) new face, Kamara, as well as a 5 day break to gay Parieeee with my lovely boyf Edd! We had a lovely time picnicing in the Royal Palace gardens, cycling down the Seine on the Velibs (the French equivalent of our Boris bikes) and eating way to much amazing bread and pastries! Its hard core gym time for me now I think!!

I've done a quick round up of pics so you get a better idea of things rather than me rambling on. I'll be posting pics of the events, shoots and a few street style posts I've been doing for the Asos Blog, hope you all are following the boutique? If not please do, really need as much support as possible on Marketplace at the moment, competition is getting fierce! I'm not fearing it though you'll be glad to hear, its just making me work my butt off! I've been thrifting like crazing and really have to pat my self on the back as the boutiques really looking HOT right now : )
See for yourself here.

October In Pics. 

From top left to right:

The gorgeous poster put together with the help of my sign writer friend Martha Copeland, seeing Kirsten Dunst play a really intense character in Lar Von Tiers' new visual feast of a film Meloncholia, Delicious pistachio cupcakes from the Fetes food market in Belville Paris, Street style snapping outside Hanbury Hall Vintage Market, BOAWs ode to Halloween was this stunning floor sweeper of a party dress (sold within a day of it going online I've got a little fantasy that it was worn to a fancy dress party and the owner dressed up as a dead Studio54 club party!), Pretty new BOAW vintage stickers to keep our packaging looking in slick and pretty, weeping and window shopping- Carven the shop of my dreams, luxurious winter staples at a price way too high for my already battered wallet, above that are a pair of stunning 1950s slippers, tiny weenie i picked these up earlier in the year and took them to Vintage at Southbank but they haven't had much of an outing since so I was both pleased and sad when they were plucked away at the Clerkenwell Vintage Fair which I had my first stall at shared with my friend Kathy from 5-6-7-8 Vintage! More pis and words about the fair later. Next up is a shot of some gorgeous wool tartan trousers and a super cool 90s crop top styled on Kamara, both pieces have been snapped up from the boutique now though I'm afraid, but I really love the look don't you?
Finally lots of the lovely new stock I've been amassing for the winter fairs and markets. I've got heaps now I'm really running out of storage. Lots of lovely winter boots, jumpers, coats and dresses. If you are based in London do pop into VINTAGE OFF BROADWAY on Saturday and say hello!

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