Thursday, 25 August 2011

Month in pictures.

Its been a few weeks folks and sorry to have not been posting much on the blog. For those of you who are fans of our facebook page you would have know I've been manic. Busy with the fairs at the end of July on to moving house and office space, then even managed to fit in a quickie of a break to visit a lovely friend for birthday celebrations in Madrid.

 Yes its been hectic but also lots of fun. I'm now living with my lovely boyfriend Edd in Hackney Wick. We've got a gorgeous warehouse conversion we're sharing with four others. Our kitchen windows- which there are a lot of- its almost wall to wall glass- look out onto a stunning roof garden and out door chill out area. Its a great location for out door shoots and I've already taken great advantage of this by having an impromptu shoot with Vanessa on Friday last week. Been working hard on the edits and uploading all the gorgeous new pieces over the next couple of day. A few went up yesterday so please do go have a gander.
 For now here's a little peep at what I've been seeing over the last four weeks. My camera sadly ran out of battery on my second morning in Madrid and I stupidly didn't take my charger so unfortunately I don't have as many pics my time there as I'd like. 

 Top to bottom: 
  • The Bird On A Wire Vintage stand at Vintage at Southbank! What a storming success that was, I sold a heap of fabulous vintage dresses to some amazing vintage clad lovelies and I've still got heaps of great stock left which I'll be uploading gradually onto the marketplace boutique. 
  • Next up is a silly pic of my reflection in my boyfriends truck mirror. Getting dressed up at secret garden party was a laugh and a half! The sun came out for most of the fest, we partied and danced for three days solid! Straight after SGP was the house move, I'm gradually getting settled into my new abode, there a pic of my working space currently. 
  • Packing for Madrid was a little tricky, going via Ryan Air and saving on check in costs meant I had to squeeze a weeks worth of clothes into a little hold all, alas I did fit in the essentials. My floppy hat, lomo camers, coral bikini, and straw fan which was ridiculously handy as it was a scorching 38 degrees for the majority of my stay. Strolling around the Mala San Ya district I stumbled on so many retro and vintage inspired shops, cafes and patisseries.
  •   A gorgeous little bar /cafe aptly named The Retro Cafe. Littered with gorgeous 1950s - 60s thrifted and salvaged furniture. The contrasting retro wall paper was set off an array of amazing hanging lampshades from the 60s and 70s, we had to stop and have a fresh fruit smoothie.
  • Next are the summery shades of rusty orange and faded peach of the surrounding apartments on my friends street. 
  • Back in London I took advantage of a fluke of a sunny day we had last Friday and had an impromptu shoot with BOAW girl Vanessa! We had a hell of a lot of fun taking action shots on my 1970s customised racer.


  1. Lovely to hear South bank was a success! I managed to miss the whole thing :s
    Your bike is a dream! I need a basket like that on the back of mine!

    - Charlotte

  2. oh Shame theres always next year. It was loads of fun and luckily the sun came out for the whole weekend which made it even more fun! I'll look out for a basket- i come across them all the time quite cheap, i'll give you a shout should i find one soon. x