Sunday, 3 April 2011

Oh, there's more!

Here are the other looks i've been meaning to post this week, most are up on the boutique already now.

I adore this photograph of Beauty PR extraordinaire and Bird On A Wire Model, Eliane Banda. Everything about it just seems right, the way blue tones of her Stella McCartney-esque button down denim skirt echo the turquoise paint work on the home boat behind her which is also reflected in the canal and the green of her gorgeous eyes.... and lets not get started on that lace button up crop top! Ahhhhh roll on summer, what I wouldn't give for a trip out to sunny lavished Oz where Eli originally hails. A little more on this lady to come my friends. This girls got a KILLER vintage collection, and as I'll be starting a fortnightly 'Birds Nest' profiles feature on the blog shortly, I'm hoping to give you all a sneak peek into her wardrobe/nesting ground really soon!

Eli, fell in love with this red hot leather bodice on the shoot, she wears it like she owns it no?

 This abstract print number fitted like a glove! I love the cut-away collar.

 This tomato red 60's jumpsuit is definitely another favorite of mine from the collection, a stand out pieces i'm hoping to see on the hot bod of a 'London Fields' ranger come summer! ha ha.

 The sheer 60's floral print top i'm now having second thoughts about posting online...oops

The Boutique landing image. Love, love, this fringed jacket. Its not online yet but there are already takers! Update you as soon as its online I promise.

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