Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A return to my 17 year-old self?

A resent Orange-Wednesday trip to the cinema with my best friend Steven resulted in us watch in the 90's set romantic comedy Love and Other Drugs, staring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhall. Not our typical choice of film genre but with both of us being hardcore Gyllenhall fans couldn't resist the opportunity of seeing this beautiful hunk of a man and his newly sculpted body on the big screen as its been a while since we've seen him last! Jake plays an under achieving medical school drop out and serial lady killer who sets out to make is millions as a pharmaceutical sales man. Stalking doctors by day to push his depression curing drug he meets an swiftly falls in love with Hathaway.  
 It is well above the standard of your average American Rom-com but the movie massively struggles with two conflicting strands, is it a comical romance or serious drama? It's unsettled and leaves you not entirely convinced of what it initially set out to portray to the audience. The films been sold as one of the sexiest and most flesh baring Hollywood films of the year- this I guess is one thing that you can definitely count on. Hathaway gets her boobs out on several occasions and there are plentiful opportunities to see Jake's bare behind! Worth the £4.50 Orange 2-4-1 if not anything else. 

Saying this from a fashion perspective I did love the fact that Hathaway was styled in a couple of dungarees (she plays an artist, yeah the Oscar goes to the stylist on this one) and actually pulled both looks off quite well. This got me thinking about my 6th form Art A Level days and a pair of dungarees I literally lived in for two years (even not when painting) till my best friend at the time made me chuck them away as the lingering smell of turpentine was an irritating fixture when in my presence, this she said was not conducive to looking hot and hooking my boy crush at the time. She did have a point, they were pretty messy by the time I finished my Art A-Level. 

Sifting through my picture folders I came across the lovely pair above, from Rokit, that I'd saved earlier last year. With Marc Jacobs offering up a slick 70's satin rendition in  rusty tangerine,channeling so well the heady days of Studio 54 I might actually have an excuse to make a vintage dungaree purchase for spring! Yay?

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