Tuesday, 9 November 2010


At the risk of blowing my own trumpet I can say that despite the fact that Bird On A Wire Vintage is still only just a tinsy weeney baby, (she was born on the 30th of August 2010) she's doing pretty darn well for herself.
Bird has managed to secure a selling space within the pioneering online fashion concept shopping site ASOS Marketplace. Momentum for this new  and exciting fashion democracy is growing at an epic pace. Check out the two page spread in this weeks Grazia, out today and just a bargainous £1. Below is a peek at the article but I definitely recommend grabbing hold of a copy! Due to Bird's youth she didn't quite make it onto the pages of Grazia but watch this space my vintage loving friends! Its only a matter of time till she hits glossy paper too!

 So a little more about ASOS Marketplace! Its a fantastic and exciting concept allowing all lovers of fashion to sell/ recycle their wardrobes, designs or vintage collections to a community of equally passionate like minded followers of fashion. It's fantastic to be able to sell on a platform as established and dynamic as ASOS, but not only this, the joy of it is also knowing that the community of people they are building all have one massive thing in common, they truly love the experience of buying clothes and adding a new dimension to the way they shop for those treasured pieces.

Being constant innovators ASOS, have had this on the cards for months and it has been a steady build up to the launch which is happening later this month. No worries, I'll be keeping you up to date with news on the exact date as soon as I know myself! 
The one rule for all sellers be they individual or boutique is that all product is styled on a person in a 'street style' fashion. I really love this idea as it not only adds dept and an interesting slant to the Marketplace site itself but also allows its sellers to add personality to their fashionable wares, thus providing the customer with an array of interesting styling ideas/options rather than just boring flat shots of lifeless garments (sorry eBay). 

This is a huge opportunity for Bird On A Wire Vintage as well as the fantastic independent labels and emerging designers they have taken on to really develop our small but growing business and fingers crossed it'll be a huge success upon its launch! Please do take a peak at a small selection of the treasures that will be on offer soon. 

Images of the AW Bird On A Wire Vintage collection will be posted shortly, promise.

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